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Doing Our Part.

The Orange County Rowing Association is proud to announce the launch of it's Clean River Conservation Initiative!


We row on the majestic Hudson River in Newburgh, NY. Industrial pollution, mercury contamination, sewage dumping, and garbage have all contributed to the river falling into its current state of pollution. We here at Orange County believe that we need to do all that we can to contribute to its revitalization, hence the Clean River Initiative was born!  


The Initiative will have three separate components:


Hudson River Clean Up 


Partnering with local, regional, and state conservation groups the OCRA Clean River Initiative plans to attend, host, and promote Hudson River Conservation/Clean-Up events in the Capital District, Hudson Valley, and NYC Metropolitan Area. 


Jumping in and getting our hands dirty is just a small part in the fight to restore the Hudson River back to a healthy, strong, and clean body of water for all to enjoy. 


Ecological Education


The Hudson River is home to a varied and vibrant ecosystem. Through workshops, classes, special events,lectures, and partnerships with local organizations the OCRA Clean River Initiative aims to educate members of the community about the Hudson River and it's ecosystem! 



Promoting River Access


Being a water based sporting organization, The Orange County Rowing Association both understands and appreciates the Hudson River. We believe that all members of the community should be able to experience the river in their own way. We will be promoting and organizing various events that will allow all members of Newburgh, Orange County, and beyond to enjoy the Hudson!

Please contact initiative coordinator Aric Meyer ( for details! 



Please check back soon, and often, for announcements regarding partnerships, events, and ways to get involved! 

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